Marc's fascination with landscape painting dates from his tenure at the Smithsonian Institution, where he lived day-to-day with some of the masterpieces of American impressionism. "They had a profound effect on my understanding of American art, and set an impossibly high standard for craftsmanship and artistic expression."


For several years, Marc worked with the fields and aging buildings of Maryland’s Middletown Valley. More recently, Marc has been inspired by the Connecticut woods and shorelines to create more intimate landscapes. His goal is to faithfully recreate the patterns of the natural world in what he calls “a reverse trompe-l’oeil,”where seemingly random arrangements of color and form grudgingly reveal themselves to be accurate depictions of natural phenomena. “I haven’t entirely succeeded yet,” Marc admits, “but I’ve created some interesting failures.”

In addition to being an aspiring painter, Marc is a professional horticulturist and writer, and an amateur musician.  He is married, has two children from a previous marriage, and divides his time between Connecticut and New York,